I first came into contact with Kailee three months after the birth of my second child following a reoccurring 'lower back sprain' that started after my first pregnancy. Prior to meeting Kailee, I tried on my own to reclaim my body as well as followed my doctors regime during acute flare ups all of which had little or no affect at all. I knew I had to do something but didn't know what or where to begin, and considering I also recently endured a separate hyperextended groin injury during my most recent delivery, I went ahead and consulted with Kailee. My only disappointment was that I did not contact her sooner! 


My experience with Kailee was exceptional from the first contact. Not only was she able to schedule me the very next day, given the nature of my injury I wasn't able to be very mobile at the time and having to also care for two kids, it was such a relief to have her come to my home and do her assessment and implement treatment. Subsequent appointments were equally stress free and I was also able to take advantage of having in home care by incorporating some of my daily routine that I was having difficulty with into the therapy, such as lifting my baby and placing the baby down. It's also important to note that in between appointments, I had an open direct line of communication with Kailee as well, that she would address any questions or concerns. 


My only expectation following the physical therapy was for my lower back to hopefully strengthen and prevent future injuries, I wasn't prepared to not only have that resolve, but to also have reclaimed my body as a whole as a direct result. I feel like the first time in years my body is back to where it was pre-pregnancy. I highly encourage anyone who is even just considering conceiving to consult with Kailee prior, maintain that connection throughout the pregnancy and also after. 


After much research on my own online and trying everything I thought was the correct way to fix my diastasis I realized I needed more help. Kailee has been the best decision I made to help me repair my abdominals after three kiddos. She is thorough, creative, and professional during sessions. I highly recommend Kailee and her postpartum services!

- Julie 

I called Kailee when I was about 3 months pregnant with my first and just knew I want the most natural and healthy pregnancy I could have since I was over 35. After our first appointment I realized I had little connection to my pelvic floor and it was fairly weak. Kailee helped me begin to safely strengthen it and modify my workouts. Thanks to her help, I was able to keep working out until 36 weeks and had a natural delivery with no stitches required. My midwife said I was able to push quite effectively- credit to Kailee’s help connecting my brain and body.

- Anna 

Kailee's practice is an amazing resource for women in Pittsburgh! I have struggled with IBS-constipation for years and recently started experiencing issues with bladder emptying as well. I decided to try pelvic floor therapy and I am so happy I made the decision to work with Kailee! It was so helpful to have exams and discussions about intimate health issues in the comfort of my own home. Kailee's exercise plan was very individualized and has helped me see improvements I didn't think were possible in such a short time! I feel that I now have a lot more tools and strategies for supporting my health going forward! Thank you Kailee!

- B



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